Moderation actions

On Lemmy a moderator is someone who manages and has rights over a community.

The community creator is this first moderator of a community since he created it.

An administrator has full rights on the entire server, and thus also in each community.

ActionResultPermission level
lockPrevents making new comments under the postModerator
stickyPin the publication to the top of the community listingModerator
removeDelete the postModerator
banBan user from the communityModerator
appoint as modGives the user moderator statusModerator
appoint as adminGives the user administrator statusAdmin
ban from siteBan user from the serverAdmin

To take a moderation action on a user, you need a post from that user and click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of the title.

To undo an action previously taken on a user, the same process must be followed. As an example, if a post is locked, click on the lock icon again to unlock it.