Avatars, email notifications, and a whole lot more

Written by @dessalines, 2020-01-16

v0.6.0 is here, and we’ve closed 41 issues!

This is the biggest release by far:

  • Avatars!
  • Optional Email notifications for username mentions, post and comment replies.
  • Ability to change your password and email address.
  • Can set a custom language.
  • Lemmy-wide settings to disable downvotes, and close registration.
  • A better documentation system, hosted in lemmy itself.
  • Huge DB performance gains (everthing down to < 30ms) by using materialized views.
  • Fixed major issue with similar post URL and title searching.
  • Upgraded to Actix 2.0
  • Faster comment / post voting.
  • Better small screen support.
  • Lots of bug fixes, refactoring of back end code.

Another major announcement is that Lemmy now has another lead developer besides me, @felix@radical.town. Theyve created a better documentation system, implemented RSS feeds, simplified docker and project configs, upgraded actix, working on federation, a whole lot more.