Information about contributing to Lemmy, whether it is translating, testing, designing or programming.

Issue tracking / Repositories


Check out Lemmy's Weblate for translations. You can also help by translating this documentation.


Front end

  • The front end is written in typescript, using a react-like framework called inferno. All UI elements are reusable .tsx components.
  • The front end repository is lemmy-ui.
  • The routes are at src/shared/routes.ts.
  • The components are located in src/shared/components.

Back end

  • The back end is written in rust, using diesel, and actix.
  • The server source code is split into main sections in src. These include:
    • db - The low level database actions.
      • Database additions are done using diesel migrations. Run diesel migration generate xxxxx to add new things.
    • api - The high level user interactions (things like CreateComment)
    • routes - The server endpoints .
    • apub - The activitypub conversions.
    • websocket - Creates the websocket server.

Linting / Formatting

  • Every front and back end commit is automatically formatted then linted using husky, and lint-staged.
  • Rust with cargo fmt and cargo clippy.
  • Typescript with prettier and eslint.