Branching and Releases


In general, our handling of branches is the one described in A stable mainline branching model for Git. One difference is that we avoid rebase, and instead merge the base branch into the current working branch. This helps to avoid force pushes and conflicts.


  • For major release: make a new branch release/v0.x
  • For minor release: cherry-pick desired changes onto release/v0.x branch
  • Make a beta or release candidate version with docker/prod/
  • Do the same for lemmy-ui: ./ 0.x.0-rc-x
  • Deploy to federation test instances
    • Keeping one instance at the last stable version to test federation compatibility (automate this with ansible)
    • ansible-playbook -i federation playbooks/site.yml --vault-password-file vault_pass -e rc_version=0.x.0-rc.x
  • Test that everything works as expected, make new beta/rc releases if needed
  • Deploy to, to discover remaining problems
  • If that went well, make the official 0.x.0 release with docker/prod/
  • Announce the release on Lemmy, Matrix, Mastodon