Lemmy Release v0.11.0

Written by @dessalines and @nutomic, 2021-04-27

Since our last release this month, we’ve had ~60 commits to Lemmy.

Lemmy Server

Major Changes

  • Add option to disable strict allowlist ( #1486) documentation
  • Add option to limit community creation to admins only (#1587)
  • Many search improvements:
    • Don’t search for communities or users when the id is included.
    • Add creator id to search.


  • Adding a user setting to show / hide scores. Fixes #1503
  • Add option to hide read posts. Fixes #1561
  • Mark accounts as bot, and hide bot posts/comments
  • Adding a short site description, to be used for joinlemmy instance list
  • Adding matrix id validation. Fixes #1520
  • Adding users active monthly for community sort. Fixes #1527
  • Don’t allow zero-space char in display name. Fixes #1317
  • Adding more rust captcha features. Fixes #1248
  • Fixing slur filter regex. Fixes #1593


  • Added ChangePassword as a separate endpoint from SaveUserSettings
  • No other breaking changes, but many fields that were previously required are now optional.
  • A full list of the API changes can be seen on this diff of lemmy-js-client: 0.10.0 -> 0.11.0 .


  • Implement federated bans fixes #1298
  • Remote mods can update/delete/undelete communities.

Lemmy UI

  • Updating translations.
  • Add UI version to UI via docker. Fixes #263
  • Add Korean language
  • Add check for unused languages in update_translations.sh
  • Validate matrix id on the front end. Fixes #245
  • Communities page sorts by monthly active users. Fixes #244
  • Correctly render HTML in popup notifications
  • Fix html notif bug. Fixes #254
  • Fixing issue with debounce. Fixes #236

Upgrade notes


If you’d like to make a DB backup before upgrading, follow this guide.

To upgrade your instance to v0.11.0, simply follow the instructions in the documentation:

Clients / Apps